Quality Enhancement


NU supports lifelong learning, one of the key Bologna concepts, by offering a wide spectrum of non-credit bearing courses ranging from professional development opportunities for school teachers to classes for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. These courses aim to enhance personal or professional skills that may be helpful in career advancement. For more information on available non-credit bearing courses, please visit the Schools’ web sites.

The Policy for Non-Credit Bearing Courses offers a common framework for managing the quality of continuing education at NU. The NU non-credit bearing courses are compatible with the NU Academic Quality Framework, relevant NU policies and international benchmarking references.

In designing such courses, the appropriate templates should be used. Click on the buttons below to download. Please note that the detailed procedures and templates are available to relevant NU stakeholders only.   

The quality management of non-credit bearing courses is led by Schools. All NU non-credit bearing courses should be formally approved. The approval process varies depending on the type of the course. The diagrams below demonstrate the process.