Quality Enhancement


“Institutions should ensure that the programmes are delivered in a way that encourages students to take an active role in creating the learning process.”

(ESG, Standard 1.3)

We are committed to building a student-oriented academic culture and engendering a supportive environment that enables students to fulfill their potential. We aim to engage our students in the following processes:

  • Approval of new and modified programmes;
  • Annual programme monitoring;
  • External review;
  • Participation in academic decision-making committees.

In this video Kamilla Mamatova (President of the Student Government in 2017-2018 AY) shares her experience of being an academic student representative at the University-level Committees.

Student Feedback Collection

NU employs various means of student feedback collection, including, but not limited to, course evaluation surveys and student representation mechanisms.

NU Course Evaluation Survey

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NU Student Representation

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