Academic Council

Academic Council


The Academic Council is the executive and policymaking body on teaching, learning and other academic activities at NU. Its meetings are held once a week.

The following committees operate under the Academic Council:

Please read the Bylaws of the Academic Council.

  • Giving preliminary approval to the standards for admission, progression and completion of undergraduate and graduate programmes;
  • Improving the establishment, withdrawal, or major modifications of academic programmes;
  • Overseeing the operations and approving the policies of the academic and academic-related structural divisions;
  • Approving internal documents and regulations of the University on the organisation of academic processes, academic calendars, annual work plans, regulations, operational and strategic plans of the Schools and other academic sub-units of the University, student assessment, and related matters;
  • Reviewing and approving institutional policies and documents regulating the processes and procedures for learning and teaching and the assurance and enhancement of academic quality, including the approval of annual quality enhancement plans of the University;
  • Developing and approving standards and definitions of academic misconduct and non-academic misconduct and developing policies and procedures regarding disciplinary actions with respect to students, faculty, and other academic personnel;
  • Recommending for nomination of academic staff members for national awards, honorary degrees and other credentials;
  • Making recommendations regarding the establishment, disestablishment, or reorganization of schools, centers, institutes, laboratories, libraries, and museums;
  • Consulting and coordinating with the Research Council on teaching, research, and governance;
  • Providing consultation and advice regarding the establishment of offices, administrative departments, and staffing structure for administrative departments and offices;
  • Approving standards for hiring, retention, non-retention, promotion, demotion of faculty and academic staff, and the faculty workload policy;
  • Providing consultation and participation in reviewing the University strategy;
  • Providing consultation and review of agreement with strategic partners on academic-related issues;
  • Providing consultation and advice to the President and the Managing Council concerning academic major deals.
Composition and Current Members
  • Chairperson - Ilesanmi Adesida, Acting President
  • Co-Chair - Loretta O’Donnell, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation - Kadisha Dairova
  • Vice President for Medicine, Dean, NUSOM - Massimo Pignatelli,
  • Vice Provost for Research - Chester Jablonski
  • Vice Provost for Industry Engagement, Dean, SEDS - Vassilios Tourassis
  • Associate Provost for Graduate Studies - Luis Rojas
  • Deans of Schools: Gonzalo Hortelano (SSH), Randy Hazlett (SMG), Robert Doebler (CPS), Joep Konings (GSB),  Aida Sagintayeva (GSE), Weng Hui (GSPP)
  • Chief Information Officer - Chris Handley
  • Registrar and General Director for Student Progress - Rebecca Carter
  • General Director of the Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching - Elaine Sharplin
  • Associate Director of Institutional Effectiveness - Aizhan Mussina
  • Faculty Senate, Chair - Michael Lewis
  • Faculty Senate, Vice Chair - Thomas Duke
  • Undergraduate Student Representative - Yerassyl Kadirzhanov
  • Graduate Student Representative - Ebenezer Yeboah Owusu

A detailed approach to the preparation of materials for the Academic Council meetings is described here. To propose an item for consideration by the Council please follow this Guideline and contact the support team by email: