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The NU student representation system is supervised and led by the Student Government, which serves as a mediator between the student body and the NU academic community.

NU considers students' views in designing and modifying courses and programmes. Each programme/course should have a student elected to represent their peers at the appropriate levels.

The key goal of a programme/course representative is to collaborate with faculty to improve the learning experience of students enrolled in the programme/course.

Programme and Course Representatives
How to Become a Representative?

At the beginning of each academic year, Schools call elections of programme representatives in collaboration with the NU Student Government. Please contact your School manager or Department Chair for more information on applying for this position.

A class representative is elected in the first two weeks of each semester by their classmates.

What Should a Representative Focus On?

An academic student representative should focus on the following:

  • Assessment and feedback (types of assessment, grading rubrics);
  • Learning resources and materials (course syllabus, reading and IT resources);
  • Teaching strategies and learning activities;
  • Curriculum (programme flexibility, course choice, course structure, and course expectations);
  • Student support (availability of academic advisors and professors);
  • Other aspects relevant to the learning process.
Training Sessions

At the beginning of each academic year, the Office of the Provost arranges a training session to build the competence of all newly appointed academic student representatives. The training aims to clarify the role and responsibilities of student representatives. It provides a platform for networking opportunities and develops problem-solving and communication skills.

What did the training participants enjoy most about the training?

 Positive and informal approach with interactive elements”

“Useful information”

“Engaging and inspiring discussions

Friendly atmosphere


Useful Resources

In fulfilling your functional responsibilities, the following documents may be helpful (Please note that the detailed procedures and templates are available to relevant NU stakeholders only):

In case you are not certain which policy to cite in defending students’ views, please do not hesitate to contact us at academicquality@nu.edu.kz

Some Tips for Successful Representation
  • Be visible and available to your classmates, and share your contact information with the student body;
  • Regularly inform your classmates on what you are doing;
  • Build networking relations with academic and administrative staff;
  • Be careful, tolerant and respectful when raising any student concerns;
  • Communicate with other student representatives to take joint actions.
  • Liaise with the School Student Council/Committee to raise concerns at the School level.
Avoid the Following

Please avoid:

  • Dealing with singular cases. Focus your efforts on resolving issues affecting a significant number of students;
  • Raising personal issues not related to the learning experience;
  • Proposing the same issue for discussions at different committees at once;
  • Raising minor course/program-level concerns at the institutional level.
University-level Representatives (2022-2023)

Any university-level issues that cannot be resolved in Schools should be delegated to the student representatives on the institutional level Committees. Please read more about the NU Academic Committees to ensure that you approach the appropriate academic decision-making body.

Institutional representation is supervised by the Ministry of Education of the NU Student Government. To become a member of the Ministry, please contact the NU Student Government and monitor its emails and news.

NU Undergraduate Student Representatives:

President of the Student Government - Polina Len (polina.len@nu.edu.kz)

Minister of Education (NU Student Government) - Dulat Minas (dulat.minas@nu.edu.kz)

Academic Council - Dulat Minas (dulat.minas@nu.edu.kz)

Academic Quality Committee - Akkerbez Tleubekova (akkerbez.tleubekova@nu.edu.kz)

Learning and Teaching Committee - Aliyar Kadyrov (aliyar.kadyrov@nu.edu.kz)

Library Committee - Nazerke Abdrakhmanova (nazerke.abdrakhmanova@nu.edu.kz)

Web Committee - Nurtore Onggarbay (nurtore.onggarbay@nu.edu.kz)

Accreditation Advisory Committee - Temirlan Muslimbek (temirlan.muslimbek@nu.edu.kz)

Special Learning Needs Committee - Guldana Kurmangali (guldana.kurmangali@nu.edu.kz)

NU Graduate Student Representatives:

Academic Council - Abrar Ahmad (abrar.ahmad@nu.edu.kz);

Academic Quality Committee - Saleh Ali Khawaja (salehali.khawaja@nu.edu.kz);

Learning and Teaching Committee - Ebenezer Yeboah Owusu (ebenezeryeboah.owusu@nu.edu.kz);

Graduate Studies Committee - Rakhat Baitubayev (rakhat.baitubayev@nu.edu.kz), Miriam Absalyamova (miriam.absalyamova@nu.edu.kz);

Special Learning Needs Committee - Taiye Abdullahi Gegele (taiye.gegele@nu.edu.kz);

Library Committee - Muhammad Sajjad Rashid (muhammadsajjad.rashid@nu.edu.kz);

Accreditation Advisory Committee - Gulnur Makulbayeva (gulnur.makulbayeva@nu.edu.kz).