Institutional Research & Analytics


NU Institutional Research and Analytics (IR&A) carries out a variety of analytical and research activities to support evidence-based decision making and institutional planning and effectiveness at NU. IR&A’s main objective is to provide relevant, reliable, digestible, and timely data and analyses that address issues of strategic importance to NU. IR&A is located within the Office of the Provost.

Mission and Vision
Strategic Priorities
Organizational Chart

The primary mission of IR&A is to collect and analyze data, and disseminate information and insights to support planning, policy formation, decision making, and continuous improvement at NU. Its secondary mission is to provide education and training to (1) foster a data-driven culture at NU and (2) advance institutional research practice in Kazakhstan.


IR&A’s vision is to become a center of excellence that produces actionable intelligence for NU stakeholders and builds analytical capacity across the organization.

Strategic Priorities
IR&A will pursue four strategic priorities:
  1. Produce data, information and insights to support evidence-based decision making at NU;
  2. Foster an analytical/data-driven culture at NU;
  3. Advance institutional research practice in Kazakhstan;
  4. Contribute to knowledge production on higher education in Kazakhstan.
NU Institutional Research & Analytics Organizational Chart


Aigerim Baikenova | Data Reporting Officer


Phone number: + 7 (7172) 70 90 18


Aigerim Baikenova serves as the Data Reporting Officer within the IR&A unit. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Kazakh-British Technical University and Master’s degree in IT Management from the University of Nottingham. As Data Reporting Officer, she is responsible for reporting official University statistics internally and externally through data digests, statistics profiles and dashboards. Aigerim is also responsible for extracting data from databases, cleaning and/or making the data available for further processing by other IR analysts.






Lyudmila Fillipova | Survey Coordinator
Phone number: + 7 (7172) 70 60 23


Lyudmila Fillipova serves as Survey Coordinator within the Institutional Research and Analytics unit of Institutional Effectiveness, Office of the Provost. Lyudmila is responsible for designing, administering, and analyzing surveys of strategic importance to NU. She is also responsible for the development and implementation of policies and guidelines to regulate the administration of institutional and special surveys at the University. Lyudmila obtained a Bachelor of Education degree from Semey State Pedagogical Institute in 2012 and a Master of Pedagogical Sciences degree from Kazakh American Free University in 2014 (Oskemen). She holds a MSc in Educational Leadership degree from Nazarbayev University (2019). Lyudmila has substantial experience in teaching English and implementation of research studies





Assel Zhakibayeva | Senior Manager (Analyst)


Phone number: + 7 (7172) 70 89 69


Assel Zhakibayeva serves as Senior Manager (Analyst) within the Institutional Research and Analytics unit of Institutional Effectiveness, Office of the Provost. She is responsible for conducting analytical studies to support data-based academic decision making at Nazarbayev University.

Assel obtained a Master’s degree in Ecological Applications from Imperial College London. She worked on the implementation of the TIMSS assessment in Kazakhstan and analysing student achievements. Assel has extensive experience in the development and implementation of biology curricula and course plans, methodological materials and textbooks at the secondary level of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the Centre for Educational Programmes - as a branch of AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.