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Integrity is a core, indispensable and defining value of Nazarbayev University. We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all activities: a merit-based admission and progression; assessment practices reflecting international standards; fair and impartial practices in the hiring, evaluation and promotion of employees, and more.

Standards and Policies
NU's Approach to Academic Integrity
Institutional Evaluation Perspective on Academic Integrity
Institutional Research Ethics Committee
Academic Integrity Course for Faculty, Staff and Students
Promoting Integrity Among Students

We have zero tolerance for disciplinary, academic and research misconduct. At NU, academic integrity standards are maintained and observed in compliance with the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.


Integrity and ethics principles and procedures are also maintained in accordance with the Faculty Policies and Procedures.


Access the faculty guidance to preventing academic misconduct.

NU takes a holistic approach to supporting and promoting academic integrity within its student, academic and research community:


The oversight of ethical standards in research at NU is carried out by the Institutional Research Ethics Committee (IREC), a standing body of Research Council. Read more about IREC.


Academic Integrity by Epigeum is an online, interactive course tailored to teaching and professional staff and students across all disciplines, facilitating a holistic, long-term, and institution-wide approach to academic integrity.


Course Structure: 5 modules


Core Activities: 3 hours (staff-facing modules) / 2 hours, 30 mins (student-facing modules)


Additional Content: 15 hours (student-facing modules) / 10 hours (staff-facing modules)


 Staff-Facing Modules  Student-Facing Modules
What is academic integrity? What is academic integrity?
Promoting a culture of academic integrity How do I show academic integrity in my preparation?
Identifying and responding to breaches of academic integrity How do I show academic integrity in my work?
Teaching, learning and assessment: implications for academic integrity How can I feel more confident about academic integrity?
Assessment design choices for academic integrity How do I deal with more complex situations?


The subscription is free for NU. Please contact us for accessing the course.

Access the Integrity Project website which aims to promote integrity among student communities at NU.