Special Learning Needs Committee

Special Learning Needs Committee


Special Learning Needs Committee is a standing advisory body of the Academic Council that is responsible for providing policy recommendations to Academic Council on national and international standards of academic support for students with disabilities and learning impairments, including sight and hearing impairments, learning disabilities, physical disabilities as well as other special learning requirements.

Please read the Special Learning Needs Committee Bylaws and Support for Students with Disability and Special Learning Needs Policy and Procedures.

  • seeking advice from University experts in inclusive education;
  • coordinating with Schools and relevant Departments to clarify additional levels of academic support for specific cases, if requested by the Schools;
  • engaging and involving the University community in supporting students with disabilities.
Composition and Current Members
  • the nominated Chair of the Committee - Eric Wente (CPS);
  • one member representing the Office of the Provost - Askhat Bekzhanov;
  • one member representing a School: Zumrad Kataeva (GSE), Stavros Poulopoulos (SEDS), Alessandra Clementi (NUSOM), Zhanar Smailova (GSB) and Katherine Andersen (CPS);
  • one member representing Student Government - Guldana Kurmangali (undergraduate);
  • one member representing the Department of Student Services - Yulia Palkina.

Advisory Members:

Natasha Sinclair - Teaching Fellow (CPS);

Marilyn Plumlee - Instructor (SSH).