Quality Enhancement


Institutional AQE policies and procedures are structured with a specific focus on managing quality at the programme rather than at the institutional level. All NU programmes should be managed by a programme leader/department chair.

This ensures that both instructors and students can have an immediate and direct impact on assuring and enhancing quality.

The role of the programme leader is crucial in this regard.

Programme leaders are to take the lead on the programme’s delivery and its quality assurance and enhancement.

Expectations of a Programme Leader:

The roles and responsibilities of the programme leaders include, but are not limited to:

  • Cooperating with the course leaders/instructors involved in programme delivery;
  • Communicating with internal and external stakeholders (potential employers, national bodies, strategic partners);
  • Developing a programme-wide teaching, learning, and assessment approach to maintain consistency;
  • Initiating discussions of program-level data and statistics (e.g., academic performance, progression, retention, teaching peer review, results of external programme reviews) to inform programme improvements;
  • Proposing programme modifications resulting from the annual programme monitoring;
  • Planning activities to prepare for programme accreditation;
  • Evaluating the impact of changes over a longer review period;
  • Providing essential information on programme requirements to students through various means, including program handbooks. (Please read the Content Guidelines on the Programme Handbook);
  • Establishing student representation structures at the programme level to ensure effective two-way communication with student representatives and the completion of all feedback loops;
  • Instituting a programme committee, which includes student representatives, to discuss programme-level issues;
  • Collaborating with NU offices and departments (Admissions Department, Career and Advising Center, Office of the Registrar, library, IT Services, Academic Advising Unit) to facilitate smooth programme delivery, promote the programme, and liaise with potential employers.

Programme leaders are encouraged to maintain their expertise in AQE via different PD courses to lead enhancements.