Innovative Learning

We pay special attention to the innovative learning spaces on our campus and help schools to transform their spaces into active learning classrooms. Active learning classroom can be defined as the physical learning spaces that facilitate, support, and promote active learning pedagogies (1,2). Such learning spaces normally have attributes like flexible furniture and accessible technology to fit various learning activities. Tools that are present in active learning classrooms can include digital projectors, whiteboards, or classroom response systems. 

Apart from helping to redesign the spaces, ILH provides training events on effective usage of innovative learning spaces. You can consult this e-Portfolio from a recent training designed and conducted by Aiman Khamitova, an Innovative learning officer. 

“How Redesign and Faculty Training Boost the Use of Active Learning Classrooms” this case study shows how the transformation of just one traditional classroom can help jumpstart campus-wide conversations about active learning.

If you would like to get training on “Teaching in an Active learning classroom”, please contact or

If you need classrooms to be able to teach using active learning strategies, then this is the right place to start! All you need to do is email to request booking for your classes. Please provide a brief description of the type of instructional strategies and technology you are going to integrate into your course, demonstrating why you need this particular classroom.  If you would like to know more about the active learning classrooms and the ways they can be used for teaching and learning, please also email and we will arrange a tour for you!



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