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Learning and Teaching Toolkits
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Faculty Guidance for the Prevention of Academic Misconduct

The NU Learning and Teaching Toolkits are developed to guide and support NU faculty in advancing existing practices and bring innovative learning, teaching, and assessment techniques to the classroom.

The NU Toolkits offer a wide range of instructional materials and resources. Each toolkit focuses on a certain pedagogical or assessment approach. We hope you find them useful.


Our Toolkits:

NU Guidelines on Calculating Student Course Workload and ECTS Credits

NU encourages preventive rather than punitive measures to reduce opportunities for dishonest academic behaviour. Here we share a few tips which faculty may follow in their academic practice:

  1. Design learning outcomes which encourage students to perform higher order thinking, develop problem solving skills in a specific context and demonstrate their personal learning experience;
  2. Stage submission of works for formative assessment (assess the process as well as the product) and avoid assessment overload;
  3. Use tasks that encourage students to integrate, analyse and reflect;
  4. Use technology for group assignments to track input by individual students (e.g. One Drive);
  5. Use tasks that are interdependent and build upon each other;
  6. Write assessment criteria that reward good referencing and citation.

Our team will continue adding new toolkits and guides. If you have any suggestions for our future resources, please email us.