Digication (e-Portfolio)

Digication (e-Portfolio)

Electronic portfolios (or e-portfolios) have been around for a long time. E-format makes it easy to assemble and present artifacts in multimedia format to various audiences within and outside of NU. Digication is one of the systems that can facilitate it for us. Selected benefits of portfolios include:

  • Making learning visible
  • Collecting, selecting, and reflecting on the process and products of learning
  • Creating digital evidence of one’s growth over time
  • Developing a personalized profile of achievement
  • Preparing a career and marketing tool for distribution to potential employers
  • Organizing an academic advancement portfolio for distribution to potential graduate schools

Permissions level: The user can set up a portfolio to be private, accessible to only those people who have a URL for it, or make it openly searchable on the Internet.


  1. Direct access: https://nu.digication.com/ with your NU credentials
  2. Via apps in your Gmail NU account
  3. As a start, please have a look at this short list of instructional videos that might be of interest to you.
    1. Getting Started with Digication;   
    2. Sharing and editing settings;   
    3. Adding and Managing Pages in Digication;   
    4. Uploading files;   
    5. Adding hyperlinks in your text;   
    6. Linkedin embed;   
    7. How to communicate within ePortfolio?