Learning and Teaching Committee

Learning and Teaching Committee


The Learning and Teaching Committee is an advisory body to Academic Council that oversees the University strategy for learning and teaching, the annual institutional plan for learning and teaching, the identification, dissemination and recognition of best practices and a source for policy and practice developments in this area.

Please read the Learning and Teaching Committee Bylaws

  • Defining a learning and teaching strategy for the institution consistent with the University mission and an annual institution learning and teaching plan;
  • Leading the University’s engagement with teaching and learning initiatives;
  • Promoting specific, agreed learning and teaching themes across the University;
  • Formulating and disseminating principles and guidelines on learning and teaching;
  • Identifying, disseminating and recognizing best practice in learning and teaching;
  • Raising awareness in the wider public about the University experience in learning and teaching;
  • Receiving annual reports from Schools in relation to learning and teaching, and providing guidance to Schools and other bodies of the University;
  • Making annual and periodic reports on learning and teaching to the Academic Council and relevant University committees.
Composition and Current Members
  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs - Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee - Loretta O’Donnell
  • General Director of Institutional Effectiveness - Duncan Priestley
  • Associate Provost for Graduate Studies - Luis Rojas
  • General Director of the Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching - Elaine Sharplin
  • Registrar and General Director for Student Progress - Rebecca Carter
  • Vice Deans of Academic Affairs from each School of the University or other individual as selected by the Dean of the School: Massimo Pignatelli (NUSOM),  (SSH), Jason Sparks (GSE), Riccardo Pelizzo (GSPP), Yelyzaveta Arkhangelsky (SEDS), Jenifer Lewis (GSB), Peyman Pourafshary (SMG), Warren Rocco (CPS)
  • Two representatives of Student Government: one undergraduate student and one graduate student - currently Nazerke Abdrakhmanova and Ebenezer Yeboah Owusu
  • Representative of the Faculty Senate

To propose an item for consideration by the Committee please contact the support team by email: ltc@nu.edu.kz