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In this section, we publish a range of resources that we hope you will find useful for your online teaching. The Innovative Learning Hub has developed these resources for you; whenever you feel a consultation is needed, please let us know.

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Recommendations for Online Teaching which are also presented in the form of a presentation and a summary poster to be easily printed at your convenience.


Online Assessment

We all know how much assessment matters, especially when instruction is online. Please consult our Guidelines on Online Assessment, and in addition the recommendations from Advance HE.


Online Pedagogy

We suggest you try out these two useful courses focused on online teaching and learning:

  1. A comprehensive UK Open University 8-week course covering the important features of online teaching. Apply here
  2. A Linkedin Learning course on Learning to Teach Online (enter with Apply here

Developed by NU Quality Enhancement, here are the NU Quality Indicators for Online Courses. The indicators are useful during the course design phase, to ensure you have considered all the relevant factors; and for quality assurance purposes, when you are evaluating the success of your course and identifying areas for improvement.




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