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eLearning Process Development in a Nutshell

This video highlights all the steps needed to materialize training and development packages for both academic and corporate environments.

How to boost student engagement and interactivity

Interactivity matters because if done well it will likely boost your student engagement and their overall satisfaction. Engagement is paramount when it comes to online and blended courses.
This tutorial will give you all the necessary information to improve your course materials when it comes to these contemporary topics.

COVID-19 Talks

Dr. Loretta O'Donnell gives a presentation on the challenges the university has faced during the pandemic and illustrates how our university coped with it then. This video has been added to the University Alliance of the Silk Road webpage as part of NU's contribution to it.


We would like to invite you to revisit this video every time you need to refresh concepts on online assessment. This workshop has been delivered by the Innovative Learning Officer and our Academic Quality Senior manager.


Introduction to Ethics - Highlights Reel

We have successfully transformed the course Introduction to Ethics, which helped faculty deliver the content in a blended way to over 300 students across several cohorts. Over 44 episodes and more than 440 minutes of tailor made content was made available to facilitate student-centred learning.  We would like to invite you to have a look at how the course conversion process takes place.

"Research Talks" - Ep1 - Veronika Dashkova

Our PhD Program started a series of interviews with our PhD Candidates and peers. The series is devoted to the Scientific Method (SC) and intends to show and share the work of our young researchers in the framework of the SC (video-captions in English-Russian-Spanish.)

This first episode was recorded at Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan) before the restriction to limited physical-distance due to COVID-19. As part of its Innovative Learning strategy, NU gives full support to our online Teaching & Learning initiatives.


Course Transformations

Innovative Teaching in Higher Education with Dr. Tom Vinaimont

After winning the Innovative Teaching Award at Nazarbayev University, Dr. Vinaimont talks about the project that led to that award and the experience working with Ricardo Bragança at the Innovative Learning Hub.

The Console

Financial Modelling - Blended Course Transformation - Introduction Video.

Based on a script of the revival of a trading house, video characters interact with student participants and weave a pattern through this course. The main AV components consist of:

- a representative of a distant organization called ‘the Forge’, who steers the progress remotely;

- the ‘Doc’, a more practical figure and confidante who interacts locally with participants;

WE GO TO MARS - Episode 2

The project tackled Mars exploration and the potential contribution of the Chemical Engineering Department. The videos were intended for a target audience composed by laymen and non-specialists.

Introduction to Ethics - The Making Of

We know that course transformations are hard work. If the highlights video shown above did not motivate you to give it a try, perhaps it will help if you listen to our faculty sharing their journey with you. Check it out!

School of Mining and Geosciences - Action Learning in Taraz

The Innovative Learning Hub packed its bags and joined the School of Mining and Geosciences for a trip to Taraz. You will see how our faculty implements action learning during a geology field trip. All in 4K Magic!

Promotional videos

Nazarbayev University's Research Labs

Do you want to know how we conduct research in the STEM field here at NU? Here is a sneak peak to it all in 4K Magic!