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Chiteng Kot, Felly. Change in Student Perceptions/Experiences from Entry to Degree Completion. Paper presented at the Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum, Phoenix, Arizona, June 06 - 09, 2022.
This study uses survey data and administrative records on undergraduate students who matriculated at Nazarbayev University between Fall 2015 and Fall 2020. The sample includes students who participated in at least two of the three surveys administered at the point of entry, at the end of the first year of undergraduate studies, and at graduation. The study examines the extent to which students’ experiences and perceptions improved over time. Assessment of the change in perceptions and experiences uses a longitudinal design and focuses on five dimensions that were similar across all three surveys and ten dimensions that were similar between surveys administered at the end of the first and last years of undergraduate studies. The study used factor analysis and reliability analysis to identify dimensions and construct composite scores that capture students’ perceptions and experiences. It used t-test and ANOVA to examine differences across groups.
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Читенг Кот, Фелли. Академическая успеваемость во время пандемии: Влияние COVID-19 и внесения изменения в политику оценки. Доклад, представленный на Ежегодном форуме Европейской Ассоциации институциональных исследований, Берлин, Германия, 08-11 сентября 2021 года


This study examines the extent to which taking classes during the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted academic performance. The study includes over 5700 undergraduate students who took classes at any point during a seven-semester period at Kazakhstan’s premier research university. Entropy balancing is used to construct treatment and control groups that are similar on observed background characteristics, and the Average Treatment Effect on the Treated is estimated to determine the impact of COVID-19 and of an optional grading policy intervention (introduced in response to the disruption) on end-of-semester GPA. Results suggest that taking courses during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a positive gain in semester GPA, as did switching course grades to the optional grading system.

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Читенг Кот, Фелли. Распространённость и влияние пропусков занятий на успеваемость студентов в Школе Инженерии. Доклад был презентован на Ежегодном Форуме ассоциации институциональных исследований в Денвере, штат Колорадо, 29-31 Мая, 2019 г.


This study examines the prevalence and impact of class absenteeism among engineering under-graduate students at an elite research university in Kazakhstan. Attendance was tracked in almost every course offered during a three-year period, using magnetic card readers. An aggregate absenteeism rate was computed based on all courses taken in a given semester. Absenteeism rates averaged 27% during a three-year period, with significant variations by class level. We used multilevel modeling to examine the relationship between absenteeism (aggregated over the term) and semester grade point average (GPA). We found that absenteeism had an adverse impact on academic performance. The magnitude of this impact, however, depended on how far the student was in the program. On average, students in the lowest absenteeism quartile (least absent) had an average semester GPA that was 0.5, 0.6, and 1.3 standard deviations above the average GPA for students in the second, third, and fourth absenteeism quartiles respectively.

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Читенг Кот, Фелли. Разница между фактическим и ожидаемым распределением времени на учёбу и её влияние на академическую успеваемость студентов программы бакалавриата. Доклад был презентован на Ежегодном Форуме Европейской ассоциации институциональных исследований в Будапеште, Венгрия, 26-29 августа 2018 г.


This study uses survey data and administrative records collected over a three-year period to examine the gap between the amount of time students invested and the amount they were expected to invest in academic activities. The sample includes 2,232 first-year and final-year undergraduate students at an elite research university in Kazakhstan. The study measured time allocation gap in terms of the degree to which the total amount of time invested in academic activities fell short of the expected amount (class attendance and out-of-class study time combined), given the student’s credit load. The study found that, on average, undergraduate students (first and fourth year) allocated 35% less time to academic activities than expected under ECTS standards or 28% less time than expected under Carnegie standards. Using a quasi-experimental research design (propensity score matching), the study found that time allocation gap had a negative impact on undergraduate academic performance.

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Читенг Кот, Фелли. Обучение по программе Подготовительной школы и академическая успеваемость студентов бакалавриата. Доклад был презентован на Ежегодном Форуме Ассоциации институциональных исследований в Орландо, Флорида, 29 мая – 1 июня 2018 г.


Academic preparation plays a key role in students’ transition to and progression through post-secondary education. Yet, many students enter post-secondary education without the knowledge/skills needed to succeed academically. To close the gap in academic preparation and facilitate secondary school graduates’ transition to higher education, many institutions around the world have implemented preparatory programs also known as “foundation” or “bridge” programs. This study uses a quasi-experimental design (propensity score matching) to examine whether or not there is a difference in academic performance between students who were admitted to undergraduate programs directly (without completing a bridge program) and those who completed a one-year bridge program. The study tracked students’ academic performance for up to seven semesters at an elite research university in Kazakhstan. After correcting for selection bias and adjusting for student characteristics, the study found that the relationship between undergraduate admission route (whether direct or through the one-year bridge program) depends on students’ field of study.

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